Thinking about retiring in Montana?

Retirement in Montana is a dream for thousands of baby boomers who crave the wide open spaces of the American west. Many look forward to retiring to a Montana town like White Fish or Helena, or maybe even a smaller community. For others the appeal of Montana is a less crowded and/or less expensive retirement. Just about everybody enjoys Montana's mountains, deserts, and plains. Usually part of the appeal is the chance to participate in more outdoor activities like riding, hunting, fishing, golf, or hiking. Whatever your reason, this website will provide you with the useful retirement real estate resources to help your Montana dream become a reality.


Retirement in Montana

Most Montanans will retire in the state where they already live. Of those, many will make a retirement move to a new community to be near family or friends, or perhaps to trade a larger house for a smaller one. Some wealthy people come to purchase a ranch for their retirement. Montana has one of the most varied real estate markets in the country. Although Montana's median sales price is $80,000 higher than the U.S. median, prices within different Metros vary significantly. At the top is Bozeman at $335,500 and Kalispell at $319,000, while Butte and Great Falls are about half those levels at $155,000 and $184,900 respectively. Those price differences can have a big impact on people's decision on where to live in retirement.

Montana does not have an active state program to encourage people to retire in the state. Taxes in Montana are generally less for retirees than in other states, it offers tax-friendly retirement in that there is no sales tax. (see Montana Retirement Taxes for more) .


Best Retirement Towns in Montana

One of Montana's top retirement cities is White Fish, which is one of the most beautiful mountain and lake settings in the world. Missoula is a college town and also offers a wonderful retirement lifestyle. Use this link to find more of the best retirement towns in Montana.


Natural Attractions

The spectacular mountains, deserts, and lakes of Montana provide outstanding recreation, such as hiking, camping, and fishing. Montana has no shortage of recreational opportunities such as golf courses and ski resorts. Winters are snowy and cold, summers are cool at elevation. Summers are warm, particularly in the lower altitudes.




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